Winter‘s Breath startet as a „let‘s try“ it project during a Covid related time of work reduction. My basic intention was to try if I am able to make the music I love most - without thinking about releasing it. So I started to play around, recorded a view things here and there and after two weeks I had 4 raw songs. Still in my „let‘s try“ mood I also wrote and recorded lyrics for those songs and in the end I was impressed how it worked out. After a while (one more song and a lot of listening to them) I prepared the next step of finding a band name which will fit, creating a logo and releasing all of that on bandcamp whitout knowing what to expect. Read more
Release of Rising Storm EP
Jan - Aug
Lyric Video Release Official Instagram started Release of Graveyard Symphonies Release Desperate Soul (Single) Official Website started Signs with Via Nocturna Graveyard Symphonies released in June

New album is here!

The new Winter‘s Breath album has been released on June 11. You can Order it now on Bandcamp. Physical release will be handled by Via Nocturna and will be available also on my Bandcamp site as soon as available. Available on Spotify and and other major streaming platforms.

Lyric Video

The new Lyric Video can be found here or on YouTube.