Winter’s Breath is a one-man-band-project, I – Burkhard - have started in Vienna / Austria in 2020. I have been into metal music for almost 30 years now, there was always a passion for this kind of music. My interest in different styles changed from classic trash metal to black metal and sub genres over the years. I have always wanted to create music and so I started playing drums and tried to form a band with a few guys from my school – but in the end that didn’t work out. Some things need some time to develop and find the right time – Winter’s Breath was such a thing. When moving to Vienna, I needed to leave my beloved drum set behind and started playing guitar. With playing guitar, a whole new world was opened for me and the right time to start Winter’s Breath was in summer 2020 Read more

Split with Remorseless Winters - A Tale of two Winters

A Tale of two Winters is a collaboration with Remorseless Winter.
Two frosty winter tales combined in this great split album It is also be released as 7“ Vinyl by Masters of Kaos Productions and can be pre-ordered on their Bandcamp Shop or on the bands Bandcamp Shop.

Stories left behind

Stories left behind The new album will be out March 10.
There are always stories Stories not worthy to be told Stories containing to much truth Stories from the heart These are a few of those stories They should not be left behind and forgotten
It will be available as 1CD digifile (by Running Wild Productions) and digital. You can order it at the bands Bandcamp store.

A Gathering of Four

A Gathering of Four is a collaboration from four Austrian Gothic/Black Metal Bands. Each of them provided one or more song‘s to give an overview of their history. The sampler was produces by Running Wild Productions and can be ordered on their Bandcamp shop. You also can order this from me by writing a EMail (see contacts). Band links Adders Fork In Dornen Dea Artio

Two faces of darkness

Two faces of darkness Split album with Withdraw released on the 22nd of December. There are different types of faces. Crying, laughing, screaming, angry. And those who play tricks on you or manipulate you. And then there is your own second face, which represents everything you would like to be but is not. Reality and life is most of the time different then the pictures you see.
In the end you have to realize that you can only grow by letting out your inner face and do things that are outside of your boundary.
Downloads are available on my Bandcamp or Withdraws Bandcamp page.